ASCOTS - Camp Alumni

Have you become too "time-honor’d" to attend the ASC Theatre Camp? Do you miss the dewy streets of Staunton, the aching calves of the hike to Deming, the flickering magic of the Blackfriars Playhouse stage further lit up by the glowing eyes of exhausted campers during midnight dress rehearsals? We’ve got a cure for those “missing my camp days” blues: join the official camp alumni group, the ASC Old Timers’ Society (aka ASCOTS).

For me, becoming a long-term member of such a close-knit theatre community has been one of the best and most formative experiences of my life. Simply put: I met more wonderful people, created more lasting friendships, and learned more about theatre at YCTC/ASCTC than anywhere else. Those people and those experiences are always with me.
-Francis, Camper & Counselor 2006-2012

What’s an ascot?

It’s a fancy kind of tie. It looks like this:

What does that very snazzy-looking neck decoration have to do with the ASC Theatre Camp?

I’m glad you asked. An “ascot” (also called a “cravat”) is the fancy tie pictured above, but an “ASCOT” is a member of the ASC Old Timers’ Society, the newly formed alumni group for former attendees of the ASC Theatre Camp.

What are the requirements for ASCOTS membership?

In order to be an ASCOT, you must a) have attended the ASC Theatre Camp in any of its iterations (this includes all YCTC campers) and b) have grown too old – too “time-honor’d” – to continue attending camp.

Annual August Ascots Assembly - sumer 2018

Return. Rewind. Renew.*

This August, we're calling all camp alumni to return to Staunton for a refreshing retreat. Recover from reality, reconnect with old friends, and revive your joy for a whirlwind weekend at the inaugural ASCOTS Assembly.

Apt to attend? Anxious to acquire admission? Allay all aimless activity, accelerate all appropriate action, and affirm your appearance at the ASCOTS Assembly. Authenticate your acumen and activate the avatar appointed as "Admission" with absolute alacrity ! ** 

Details are subject to change, but a few things are certain about ALL ASCOTS AssemblIES:

  1. You will collaborate with fellow ASCOTS to mount a (potentially abridged) Shakespeare production. Which means you will spend a significant amount of time in rehearsal each day.
    • Just wait till you see how we’re handling casting.
  2. You will perform this production on the Blackfriars Playhouse Stage.
    • At midnight.
    • I’m dead serious.
  3. You will get Ralph’d to some degree, and probably Menzer’d to another.
  4. You will get to experience a more… “grown up” version of the post-show actor meet-and-greet.
    • Try not to embarrass yourselves.
  5. You will come back to Staunton. And when you leave, another tiny part of you will remain in Staunton forever.

Wanna know more?
Learn more about the alumni society in the ASCOTS section of the ASC Theatre Camp home page. 

*AKA Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse.
**Name that rhetorical device.