Band Candy

Dear Friends,

A few years ago I realized that our actors had donated at least 90% of the instruments played on the Blackfriars stage and on tour. One of our actors was still rocking out on the instrument he had in middle school!  So in 2014 I instigated the BAND CANDY campaign to make the actor/musicians’ worlds a little sweeter and help provide quality instruments with which to perform; instruments that belong to and are maintained by ASC.

Two years and over $15,000 later, our music program is thriving!  We've purchased a professional-level trumpet, two guitars, two mandolins, a rehearsal keyboard, a clarinet, a set of harmonicas, a djembe, gongs, waterphones...and that's just getting started!  Our Music Captain Chris Johnston is taking drum lessons, and says it's just the start of lessons for all sorts of instruments.  He tells me that being able to repair and tune our instruments when they need it has been the biggest help in the world.

I think we can keep this love going! I invite you to join me.  Click here to buy your tickets for our Annual Band Candy Benefit Fundraiser on April 3, 2016 - two hours of live acoustic music with ALL proceeds going straight to Band Candy!  And if you can't make the concert, please follow the link below to make your dedicated gift.

Many Thanks and Much Love,
Miriam Donald Burrows, former musician/actor

Music is an integral part of every ASC performance, onstage at the Blackfriars and on the road with the touring troupe. BAND CANDY is an opportunity for you to directly support the musicians you love at the American Shakespeare Center.

Your gift will be used to purchase new in-house instruments; provide music lessons, upkeep, and repairs; pay musician salaries...and so much more. Next time you see an actor whaling on a shiny new'll know you helped put it in his hands.

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To make your contribution now and join BAND CANDY!