ASC Theatre Camp Scholarship Fund

The American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp (ASCTC) is America's preeminent college preparatory program for Shakespeare scholarship and performance. Our summer camp provides 70+ students annually with practical skills in theatre performance; a lifelong connection to a vibrant artistic and scholarly community; and the increased self-esteem and confidence they need when they return to the classroom or continue on to college.

Every year, we heard from students and their families who are eager for this experience but cannot afford the cost. We did what we could to help but with limited resources, we could only award 7 - 12 partial scholarships annually. In 2014 alone, we saw that the 
$10,425 in scholarships we were able to award came nowhere close to the $78,290 requested.  

That's why we started the ASCTC Scholarship Fund; so that generous patrons like you could make a difference in the lives of our campers.

When you click this donation link, you give us the capacity to award more scholarships. You give us the ability to diversify the economic and demographic makeup of our summer camp.

With your gift, we can help more high school students rediscover the universality of Shakespeare’s language, and make that treasure their own. We can expand the reach and impact of ASCTC to a broader range of campers, from here in Staunton and throughout the United States.

My son was the recipient of a very generous full scholarship last year, and for that we will be forever grateful.  ASCTC 2015 was absolutely a life changing experience for him, and he has his heart set on coming back this year for Session Two. - 2015 ASCTC PARENT

"I tell my friends that camp is the most amazing place on the planet.  It is probably the safest environment I have ever been in.  It builds so much confidence.  All of the people, staff and campers are genuinely warm and nice and lovely.  It is a wonderful place to explore acting." - 2014 ASCTC CAMPER

"What a wonderful experience for my daughter!  She loved every minute, and is still in withdrawal from her friends.  It was all she could talk about for days afterwards.  She made several lifelong friends and felt very much at home.  It may have changed her career direction from musical theatre to Shakespeare.  She says it was the best experience of her life is already planning to come back next summer." - 2014 ASCTC PARENT

Donate now and make a difference in the life of an ASCTC camper today.