- Stuff That Happens in the Play

Stuff That Happens in the Play

Stuff That Happens BEFORE the Play… 

• Hundreds of years before the play begins, Brutus’s ancestor, Lucius Junius Brutus leads the revolt against the tyrannical king Tarquin the Proud and, in place of a monarchy, establishes the Roman Republic, a new system of government where checks and balances prevent power from resting with just one man. 

• Fearing the political and military power amassed by Julius Caesar while in Gaul, the Roman Senate orders him to return to Rome without his army. When Caesar defies this command and marches on Rome, civil war breaks out. 

• Caesar and Antony defeat the faction led by Pompey Magnus and Brutus.

• Pompey flees to Egypt, where he is murdered. 

• Caesar forgives Brutus and welcomes him warmly back to public service. 

• Caesar also goes to Egypt, fathers a son with Cleopatra, and then finally decides to return home. 

Stuff That Happens IN the Play… 

• Caesar arrives in Rome to great fanfare. A soothsayer warns him to “Beware the ides of March.” 

• Brutus fears the people will make Caesar a king, overturning the Republic. 

• Caesar's popularity spurs a conspiracy among other Romans worried about his overreaching power. 

• Cassius and the other conspirators convince Brutus to join their cause. 

• Brutus's wife, Portia, asks him to tell her what is troubling him. 

• Caesar's wife, Calphurnia, has an ominous dream and pleads with him to stay at home.  One of the conspiritors convinces Caesar to go to the Capitol as planned. 

• At the Capitol, the conspirators assassinate Caesar. 

• Mark Antony (who is loyal to Caesar) submits to the conspirators and obtains Brutus's permission to speak at Caesar’s funeral. 

• Brutus defends his action to the crowd. 

• Antony incites the crowd against the conspirators. 

• The conspirators flee Rome. 

• Antony joins Octavius (Caesar’s nephew) and Lepidus to battle the conspirators. 

• Brutus and Cassius argue but make amends.  Cassius allows Brutus to persuade him to meet the enemy at Philippi. 

• Ghostly visitations and the dogs of war ensue.