Taming of the Shrew - Stuff That Happens In The Play

Perfect Pairings Ensue...

Stuff that Happens in the Induction . . .
• A Lord finds a drunken tinker, Christopher Sly, asleep on the ground and decides to play a trick on him.

• The Lord tells Sly that he has had amnesia for fifteen years and that Sly is really a Lord.

• Sly accepts his new nobility and all of the amenities that come with it.

• Traveling players arrive to present a “pleasant comedy” set in Italy for the “Lord Christopher Sly.”

Stuff that Happens in the Pleasant Company . . .
• Lucentio and his servants, Tranio and Biondello, arrive in Padua to study.

• Baptista, a merchant from Padua, decrees that no one can marry his “sacred and sweet” younger daughter, Bianca, until his elder daughter “of devilish spirit,” Kate, is wed.

• Lucentio falls in love with Bianca, who is also being wooed by Hortensio and old Gremio.

• To win Bianca, Lucentio disguises himself as a Latin teacher; Hortensio disguises himself as a music teacher.

• Lucentio’s servant, Tranio, disguises himself as Lucentio to woo Bianca openly for his master.

• Petruchio arrives in Padua to find a rich wife. Hearing of the shrewish Kate and her generous dowry, Petruchio vows to marry her.

• Petruchio meets Kate, his equal at verbal sparring. After a playful exchange, Petruchio announces that they will be married on Sunday.

• Petruchio, dressed in ridiculous clothes, arrives late on the wedding day. After the ceremony, he refuses to stay for the wedding feast. Instead, he whisks Kate off to his home in Verona.

• Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) outbids old Gremio for Bianca’s hand in marriage while the real Lucentio (still disguised) wins Bianca’s love.

• Tranio finds an old man to impersonate Lucentio’s father, Vincentio; this imposter meets with Baptista and consents to the marriage of Lucentio and Bianca.

• The real Vincentio shows up.

• Chaos, perfect parings, and wagers ensue.