Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - Stuff That Happens in the Play

Sometimes you have to take back the country.

  • Andrew Jackson was born in the pioneer territory of Tennesee on March 15th, 1767.  Young Andrew sees his father, mother, and a local cobbler murdered by "injuns."
  • Jackson laments his life and the condition of the government that led him to this moment; his situation inspires him to fight back.  After being a prisoner of war and an apprentice to a lawyer, Jackson becomes a spokesperson for the frontiersmen. 
  • Jackson brawls with Spanish soldiers and then meets his true love Rachel, who inconveniently happens to be married to another man.  They indulge in a "commonplace, early nineteenth century medical procedure" - bleeding. 
  • Jackson leads the frontiersmen in The Battle of Horseshoe Bend, defying the President's orders that the Indians keep their land.  He eventually allies himself with a tribe, thanks to the help of Black Fox. 
  • Jackson becomes the national hero of The Battle of New Orleans.  He returns home to Rachel, who asks him to choose between her and his ambition/vengeance; he chooses her. 
  • John Calhoun, James Monroe, Martin Van Buren, and Henry Clay worry about Jackson's growing popularity.  Meanwhile, Jackson has triumphed in another battle, taking in an Indian orphan, Lyncoya, as his own. 
  • The President censures Jackson for killing all the Spaniards in Florida and claiming so much land.  Jackson is not pleased.  He decides to run for President.  Though Jackson wins the popular and electoral votes, the Corrupt Bargain puts John Quincy Adams in the White House. 
  • Time passes, and although Jackson told Rachel he wouldn't run for President again, he does it anyway. 
  • The Democratic Party, the Trail of Tears, a controversial President "of the people," more death, and a lot more music ensue.