Love for Love (2016) - Stuff that happens IN the play . . .

Stuff That Happens in the Play

Valentine Legend, a young gentleman, has squandered his money by living an irresponsible and riotous life.  Deeply in debt and practically destitute, Valentine must take desperate measures to hold on to his beloved Angelica, resorting to blackmailing one of his creditors.

Valentine’s father, Sir Sampson Legend, reveals his plans to get Valentine out of debt, only if Valentine agrees to sign away his rights as Sir Sampson’s heir to Ben Legend, Valentine’s younger brother who is currently at sea.  

Meanwhile, Foresight, an old fool a little too invested in astrology, brings his unsophisticated daughter, Prue, in from the country and plans to marry her to Ben.

Angelica teases her uncle, Foresight, for his reliance on astrology, angering him and causing him to threaten her relationship with Valentine.  Angela, nettled, leads Foresight to believe that his beautiful young wife has not been faithful to him.

Sir Sampson agrees with Foresight to Ben and Prue’s marriage, which is almost broken when Sir Sampson also jokingly hints that Foresight’s wife isn’t true to him.  The two make amends.

Valentine, seeking Angelica, finds his father at Foresight’s house.  Sir Sampson disowns him as a son while Valentine tries to get him to change his mind about the conditions of their deal.  

Mrs. Foresight and Mistress Frail, sisters, argue over their individual indiscretions; Mistress Frail announces her intent to marry Ben and enlists her sister in the endeavor.  In the meantime, Prue finds herself charmed by an acquaintance of Valentine’s, Tattle, though he quickly grows bored with the unrefined country girl.

Ben returns from his voyage and declares his disinterest in marriage, though the charming Mistress Frail quickly changes his mind about taking a wife.  When he meets his intended, Prue, the two do not get along.

Scandal, another friend of Valentine’s, manages to convince Foresight that Valentine should not sign over his inheritance.  Then, to suit his own fancy, Scandal hoodwinks Foresight to so he can flirt with Mrs. Foresight.  Soon after, Ben and Mistress Frail declare their love and intend to marry.

Broken engagements, fake weddings, pretend lunacy, and revelations ensue.