Cyrano de Bergerac - Stuff that happens in the play

Stuff that happens in the play

ACT I - a theatre in Paris, 1640
  • Christian, a new member of the Royal Guard, arrives at a theatre in Paris, where a drunken poet, Lignière, tells him the name of the woman with whom he has fallen in love from afar is Roxane.
  • He also discovers that a married nobleman, De Guiche, wants to make Valvert marry Roxane so that he may keep her as his mistress.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac interrupts the performance at the theatre; Valvert picks a fight with him.  Cyrano composes a poem during their duel.
  • Cyrano confesses his love for Roxane to his friend Le Bret.
  • Roxane’s chaperone sets up a meeting between Cyrano and Roxane for the next day.
  • Cyrano discovers that a hundred men plan to kill his friend Lignière because of a song he wrote.
ACT II - the following morning at Ragueneau’s pastry shop
  • Cyrano composes a love letter to give to Roxane; before he gives it to her, she tells him that she is in love with Christian. She asks Cyrano to befriend and protect Christian as a new member of the Royal Guard. Cyrano promises to do it.
  • The Royal Guard arrives to celebrate Cyrano’s exploits with the one hundred assassins.
  • De Guiche offers to help Cyrano court the favor of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu; Cyrano declines.
  • The Guard trick Christian into mocking Cyrano’s nose; instead of demanding a duel, Cyrano asks to speak with Christian alone. Cyrano tells Christian of Roxane’s love for him and that she expects a letter.
  • Christian laments his lack of skill with words; Cyrano offers to give Christian the “words to woo her with.”
ACT III - a few weeks later, outside Roxane’s house
  • De Guiche plots to have Roxane spend the night with him before he leaves for war.
  • Christian tires “of borrowing lines” and believes he’s ready to woo Roxane without help from Cyrano. He fails, she goes inside.
  • Christian allows Cyrano to feed him words to say to Roxane on her balcony; but when Christian cannot repeat the words quickly enough, Cyrano begins speaking them himself, poetically professing his love to Roxane, pretending to be Christian, hidden by the night. Because of Cyrano’s wooing, Roxane’s heart is won and Christian goes inside to collect a kiss.
  • Cyrano delays DeGuiche, allowing Roxane and Christian to be married.  Upon discovering the marriage, he orders
  • Christian and Cyrano’s regiment to the front line in the war with Spain.
ACT IV - the Seige of Arras
  • De Guiche announces that the battle plan now includes the Royal Guard laying down their lives.
  • Battles, losses, and one last letter ensue.
ACT V - fifteen years later in a convent garden