Sponsors and Supporters

Donor Honor Roll for the period of October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017

We extend our sincere gratitude to the corporations, foundations, government agencies, and individuals listed below for their generous support of ASC.

Annual Sponsors

Carol and Ken Adelman

Paul Beers and Michelle Buonocore

Chris Grisanti and Suzanne Fawbush

Mike and Emma Gutzler

David and Donna Ladd

Chris and Betsy Little

Paige Royer and Kerry Clayton

Kimberly West

Frederick House

Stonewall Jackson Hotel & Conference Center


Educator Resources Sponsor
Bernie and Kathy Campbell

Student Matinee Sponsor
Rod and Martha Ferguson

Artistic Housing Sponsor
Mike and Emma Gutzler

Music Sponsors
Victor and Sally Ludwig

2017 Gala Sponsor
Union Bank and Trust

All Supporters

* = Those who have shown support to the ASC by making an annual contribution of at least $250 for the past five years or more

† = Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

James' Court $25,000 +
Bernie and Kathy Campbell *
William Jongeward and Mary McDermott *
Chris and Betsy Little *
National Endowment for the Arts
Shakespeare in American Communities
Virginia Commission for the Arts *

Elizabeth's Court $10,000 - $24,999
Dr. Carol and Amb. Ken Adelman *
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Paul Beers and Michelle Buonocore *
Ralph and Judy Cohen *
Rod and Martha Ferguson *
Jim and Shirley Gillespie *
Candice and Aaron Hark *
Frederick House *
David and Donna Ladd
Proteus Foundation *
Ratcliffe Foundation
Paige Royer and Kerry Clayton *
The Shubert Foundation, Inc. *
Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center *
Kimberly R. West *
Kevin and Diane Wilshere *

Heirs to the Throne $5,000 - $9,999
Drs. Patrick and Allison Baroco * †
Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge
Edmund Beck Foundation *
The Evergreen Fund
Christopher Grisanti and Suzanne Fawbush *
Chris Harrell *
Emma and Christopher Kozlowski
Stephen and JoAnn Larson
Michael R. Seidl *

Courtiers $2,500 - $4,999
William C. "Jack" Davis and Sandra C. Davis
Dr. Marjorie Deutsch and John Broadbent *
Kathy Guy and Bill Doughty *
Frank Gannon
Bouvard Hosticka *
Joe Kraemer *
Robert P. and Patricia K. Kyle *
Dan Layman and Pamela Fox *
Long Island Community Foundation; the Morris Fund; and Dianne Friedman and Michael Hileman
Victor and Sally Ludwig *
Preston C. and Jane Manning Jr. *
Leigh and Danny McDaniel
Kathe Messenheimer
Rachel Vere Nicoll *
Sean and Peggy O'More *
Sandi and Bo Rose *
William A. and Carole H. Schmidt
Reverend Sarah and Doctor Robert Sealand
Dr. Sherry Wood Shuman *
Dr. Ashton D. Trice *
Dr. Steven Urkowitz and Ms. Callie Wronker
Virginia Tourism Corporation
Larry Weiss and Dr. Julia Griffin, in memory of Russ McDonald *
Maurice and Helen Werdegar
G. Rodney Young

Ambassadors $1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (6)
Thomas and Milla Averett
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
John and Beverly Bates *
Debra Drummond-Berger * †
Patricia Ward Biederman *
Jeffrey Boutwell *
Christopher and Kara McLane Burke
Mortimer Caplin
Naomi and Harvey Cohen *
Ruth and Wendell Cole
Dan Collins
JoEllen and Michael Collins *
Community Health Charities of North Carolina
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Crawford III *
Sam and Jean Darby
Fannie Mae SERVE Matching Gift Donations
Tracy Fisher *
Dennis Gallagher
Clifford Garstang †
John and Deborah Gatlin
Rick and Nancy Glenzer, in honor of Gabriel and Calvin Glenzer
Brooke Greenberg
Mike and Emma Gutzler
Joe and Evy Harman
Dr. Janice M. Heiges †
Mike and Sara Holmes †
Barry Jurek and Meredith Parnes
Thomas R. and Laurie S. Kelly *
Dr. Stephen Luzader and Dr. Hang Deng-Luzader
Robert C. Macdonald and Letty Ann Macdonald *
Franklin and Dugan Maddux, in honor of Emma Kozlowski
Colleen and Lawrence McCarthy
Robert E. and Sara Lee Menzer *
Roger and Robin Millay
Bill and Lisa Moore
Hazel C. Moore *
Lyn and Tom Olson
Craig and Libby Owens
George and Pree Ray *
Steven Reich and Elizabeth Moss
Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation *
Joan Saxton, M.D., and Stephen Booth *
Ben M. and Elizabeth C. Smith, in honor of Ben M. Smith
Mandi Smith
Richard B. Smith *
Tim and Alice Thornton
Thomas W. Thrash
Anne Tilney
Ednajane Truax
Union First Market Bank
John B. White
Joseph White
and the
Michael Clay and Mary James Moore Quillen Family Advised Fund, a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge

Nobles $500 - $999
Anonymous (3)
Charlotte Allen *
Alan Armstrong
Mark and Jane Babich
Steven Barnhart
Collins and Charlotte Beagle *
Elizabeth and Joseph Cassidy
William and Rebecca Connelly
Brian J. Delaney * †
Peter Delorier
Ted Deming and Roz Ridgway
Wayne and Paula Dennis
C. Robert Dickerman
Robert E. and Tommie Duke
Jade Alice Eaton
Lawrence R. and Vicky C. Eicher *
Landon and Rebecca Elswick
Bud and Martha Flanders
Beth and Skip Fox
Pamela Friedman and Ronald Bailey †
John Gillies and Lydia Petersson * †
Joan and Robert Goebel *
Judy Herndon *
Drs. Sam and Melissa Hostetter *
William Huckle
Jim and Pam Huggins *
Thad Humphries and Elizabeth Killeen * †
Eric and Paige Johnson
Mark and Cheryl Keeler *
The Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler Fund
Greg Klein and Leslie Mazzocco
Diane and John Kowal
Laura, David, and Casey Lockledge
James Lott *
The Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold Fund *
Laura McLane
Janet Fitzpatrick Moran
Phillip and Cheri Moran
Jeanne Morency, in memory of Frimi Sagan
David and Heather Morgan †
Dorothy Duval Nelson *
Eileen McClure Nelson, in honor of Jordan Ham
Julie and Steve Plumbley *
Helen A. Price and Donald L. Price, M.D. *
John and Karen Rowlingson *
Carl and Betsy Sadler
Sarah and Lamar Sale
Donald and Patricia Seitz
Diane Sheehey and M. Page Jones †
Roller and JerryLynn Shipplett *
Robert and Charity Showalter
Michael M. Stahl
Rosemary Stevens and Jack Barchas
Myron Steves Jr.
Marion and David Szwedo
The Termineigh Foundation, James R. Slack and Mary Ellena Ward *
Lucas and Isabel Thornton
Bill T. Trainer *
Martha Walker *
Krista and Paul Welder *
George W. and Harriet P. Williams
The Winbrooke Farm Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund
Anne Woodard and James Lynch

Gallants $250 - $499
Anonymous (2)
Elma Leitch Allen
John F. Andrews
Rob Bates *
David and Margaret Beers, in honor of Paul Beers
Francis and Prudence Beidler
Terry and Lissa Bessey
Paul and Susan Blackman
Charles Blaylock
Amber Brister and Jim Simons †
Merry Bruns
Marvin and Libby Burge
The Carrington Family
Rick Chittum
Mary Hill Cole, in memory of Russ McDonald *
Combined Federal Campaign of Greater Arkansas
James Cromwell and Kathleen Nolan *
Ellen and John Crowley †
Drs. Norman Dallura and Erika Kancler
The Dammann Fund, Inc., Christopher M. and Catherine C. Kramer *
Connie and Stuart Davis
Elizabeth Dawson and Mark Ende
Guy and Julie Dixon
Hank Dobin and Bonnie Bernstein *
Keith Kenny and Carole Duff
Russ and Jane Eanes
Sam and Carol Enloe, in honor of Sarah Enloe †
The Gail P. and Frederick L. Fox Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
Catherine Gahres
Edwin Gatewood and Kirk Adams
Stephen T. Gheen and Cathy Moore
Pam and Royce Gibson
Edward and Donna Gough
Julie and David Greer
Judith C. Hall
Drs. Peggy and Mike Hilliard
Mike Hirrel and Beth Colmery *
Robert and Sandra Hodge
Susan S. Hollyday
Diana and David Hopkins
John Horisk *
Larry and Vicki Howard *
David and Sandra Howland
Gaye Ingram
Rita and Dennis Johnson
Jason S. and Nealy Johnston
Frederick Jones
Steve Kalota
Carmenza Kline
Phyllis K. Lapham
Brian W. Lindberg
Cathy and Carter Lively
Nell Manning, in honor of Preston C. Manning Jr.
Richard Massey, in honor of Ann Conway *
John and Cathy Matherly
Katharine Eisaman Maus
Robin McNallie and Chris Edwards
Dave and Debbie Metz
Marie Milnes-Vasquez
Barbara A. Mowat
James and Joan Mummery
Deborah O'Donnell, in memory of Bob O'Donnell *
Donna Jo Pangburn
Jane and Stephen Pietrowski
Kenneth and Bettina Plevan *
Lynn Reams
John M. Reid
Christina and Howard Risatti *
Dianne Rodman
Ted and Laura Ruml
Becca Schad *
Jackie Schwimmer, in honor of Ralph and Judy
Ethel M. Smeak *
Curt and Susan Smith
Jim Sofka
Katie and Dan Sullivan, in honor of Jean Lee
Thomas Jefferson Area Combined Federal Campaign
Mary and Wayt Timberake *
Paul and Martha Vames
Robert C. and Ellen Vaughan
Virginia and Alden Vaughan, in memory of Tom Berger and Russ McDonald
Hugh and Connie Westfall
Ruth L. Zetlin

Knights $100 - $249
Anonymous (17)
Melissa Aaron
Donald Adams and Ellen Maland
Gene and Catherine Aefsky, in memory of John Michael Cramer
John and Gladys Allen
David and Julia Archer
Bob and Amanda Avery
Lawrence Bader
Royanne Chipps Bailey
James and Michele Ballou
Margaret and James Barrett
Sylvan and Margaret Bauman
D.S. Berenson
Joy F. Bolander
George H. Booth III
William C. and Emily Branscome
Daniel Brown
Patricia Brown and Joe Van Eaton
Robert and Adella Brunner
Joel and Susan Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caceci
John and Margaret Calcagni
H. Donald Campbell
Walter Cannon
Paul Cantor
Nancy Carpenter
Annalisa Castaldo †
Robert W. Chamberlin
Robert and Janis Chevalier
David Clark, Margaret Clark, and Dr. Sara Lundquist
Judith Petterson Clark
Warren and Rebecca Clark
Ellen Climo
Michael Clover
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Cochran
David, Dawn, and Autumn Coe
Leslie Cohen, in memory of Myrtle Cohen
Elizabeth Cole
Combined Federal Campaign Overseas
Michael Conlon
Michele and Bill Craig
Donald Creach and Karen Raschke
Nancy E. Czapek, in honor of Mike Cramer
J. Dabney and Isabell Carr
Hank and Bobi Deyerle
Joe and Mary Beth Dickey
Bruce and Olimpia Dorries
Joe and Letia Drewry
John and Hoye Duckworth
Karen Duddy and Bill Tenbrunsel
Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey Combined Federal Campaign
Elite Personnel
Marynell Eyles
Wilson L. Faris Jr
Tom and Diane Fechtel, in honor of Bud and Martha Flanders
Fred and Phyllis Fevrier, in honor of Ellen Brock and Joe Borzelleca
Mr. and Mrs. William Fiser, in memory of Mr. Al Fernetti
Shawn and Amy Floyd
Dan and Kathy Foster
Frazier Associates
Scott A. Goldenberg
Cheryl Gomez
Dr. James Gooding
Julie Goodrich
Eloise Gore and Allen Hile
Dr. Susan Blair Green
Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Grupe
Anne Harder
James and Sharon Harrigan
Allen C. and Susan Hart, in memory of Elizabeth Dwyer
Stanley S. and Sheila R. Hazen
Sharon Herzog
Matthew and Pamela Hill-Byrne
Marlena Hobson
Brian Hogg
Miller Honeycutt, in memory of Alice Fischer
Angela L. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Hutchinson
John Ianacone and Cindy D'Ambrosio
Laurence Jarvik and Nancy Strickland
Janet B. Kaltenbach
Drs. Lee and Neal Kassell
Philip M. Katz
Stephen T. Kelly
Marguerite Kiely and Chester Ashby
Pamela King and Vining A. Sherman Jr.
Kerry and Erik Kisa
Joe and Sylvia Lackey
Lee and Rebecca Laine
Barry M. Lamont, M.D. †
David Landon
David J. Lane
Douglas M. Lanier
Larry and Jane Lehman
George Levis
Elizabeth Lewis and Thomas Saunders
Jeanne Liedtka
Sonya Singer Livingston
Linda MacKenzie
Bette and William Mahoney
Prof. Steven Majewski
Denise and Thomas Malone
Howard Markham and Patricia Ruggiero
Margaret Marsh
Sarah Marshall
Jessica Clark May
Amelia McCachren
The McClain Family Charitable Fund of Foundation for Roanoke Valley
Lois Ramsey McClure
Thomas McCue †
Andrea McNally
Loren and Polly Mead, in honor of Preston and Jane Manning
John and Carol Mebane
Joan Menzer
The Mersol Family
Drs. John and Betty Mill
Pete Miller
Staten and Joyce Miller
Terry and Janet Moore-Coll †
Rick and Dara Myrah
Sandie and Fred Nelson
Network for Good
James and Stephanie Nohrnberg
Joe M. Norton
Susan Odom
Deborah Patton
William H. and Judith M. Penniman
Sarah Petroske, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard
Barbara Porter
Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Porter
Karen and David Pugh
Larry and Diane Ragland, in memory of Charlie Savage Irwin
John Ralston
Paula O. Rau
Grace (Sid) Ray
Bo and Andrea Razak
Leslie and Janice Reidel
Thom and Leslee Rochford
Ben and Jennifer Roe
Carol C. Ross
Don and Carolyn Rude
Shirley and Ralph Ruedy
Robert C. and Margie G. Sallies
Barbara Sando
Dean Sarnelle, in memory of Irene Sarnelle
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schaub
Jeanne Shojaat
Elliot and Retta Slotnick
Jeffrey W. and Linda Sobel, in memory of Bruce Campbell
Sally P. Southall
Ann and Robert Spears
Nancy and Alan Spector
Davis Statton
Allison L. Straw
Tom Strickland
Duane and Carol Strickler
Bob Strong and Elaine Chisek
Janet Tallberg
Roger Tarpy
Bruce Troutman
United Way of Asheville Combined Federal Campaign
Richard M. and Cathleen Vaught
Don Vukmanic and Katie Dodeck
Caryn Wagner
Robert Waldbauer
James B. and Kathleen Wallis
Allison C. Weber
The Rev. and Mrs. Alan and Carol Webster, in memory of Tommy Daniel
Peter Weimann
David W. Weiss
Adrian and Jennifer Whicker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wills
Scott and Sharon Wilson
Catherine Wood, in honor of Laurie Riffe
Joyce and Bill Wooldridge